Five Tips to Styling Your Baby Bump – Part 1

Pregnant woman on couch

So now you have a tiny human growing inside you and all of a sudden dressing up seems to be the hardest thing to do each day. “How can I look sexy without compromising my love for fashion?” you may be asking yourself. No need to bother, Lerries has got you covered.
Here are five tips that will leave you looking even more stylish than you did before you had a bump.

pregnant woman in jean

1. Get a good pair of pants: A good pair of comfortable jeans will go a long way to making you feel sexy and chic. Maternity pants are not granny pants and will help you bring sexy back when fitted right. They also have an adjustable panel around the waist so you don’t need to spend a fortune getting so many pairs as your bump begins to grow. Just a couple should do the trick.


Amelia Maternity Dress by Tiffany Rose

2. Satin and loud prints are not your friend: Remember Kim Kardashian’s “floral horror” 2013 MET Gala look? That’s an example of what NOT to wear when you are expecting. Try and avoid heavy prints and satin because they can be a little unforgiving to a pregnant bump. Instead, try darker colours. You could never go wrong with black.


To be continued…

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